Week 4: Reading and Analysis

This week we were asked to read a page about the almost infamous dilemma ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?’ and then anaylse and critique the contents of the article. I think it was interesting having to read the article very closely and extracting the main points and key words to critique and building on an argument to say why say one idea is inadequate with only the information given. Furthermore, it was great we could also draw from the skills we had to use last week in assessing validity and reliability. Also, I think being able to identify and critique something that in this case, has no real definitive answer is a very good starting point for developing these skills as you have to really break down the ideas and go beyond just stating whether one aspect is good or bad. Taking each individual section and then pointing out each area of criticism was somewhat time consuming as one flaw will lead to other questions, however I believe that this is a very beneficial skill to develop for many future situations.
I think working with a partner this week has made the task a lot more manageable, for one its easier to collaborate ideas in a smaller working group than a large one I believe. We worked well together and each equally contributed to the article critique as we had managed to discuss how to handle this task. My partner had started it off with writing the introduction and then an opening line into the critique section. I wrote down all my ideas and other research I had done and we both just continued to add onto each others work to provide us with our assignment. I believe due to drawing from both our ideas that we’ve got a good in depth range of criticisms and that our introduction and conclusion give us a clear insight and also understanding of the topic, but also how hard it is to really reach a completely solid conclusion.
So far the course has helped me understand more what it is like to be an independent learner. This week working in a pair has helped me realise I probably work best in small groups which will be key in aiding to my future learning. Also, the course has helped me broaden the use of available resources, for instance this weeks assignment, doing further research to either add to the critique or to affirm that my own argument was valid. Being able to take initiative and collect further information will be an essential skill to become an in(ter)dependent learner rather than constantly relying on others to provide you with the necessary information.


4 thoughts on “Week 4: Reading and Analysis

  1. I share the same sentiments as you. It is nice to read this post and relate to the same feelings.

    I feel more empowered to read critically and consider my own writing with a critical eye.

    I can also relate to how you feel about tge challenge of critical reading. It can be exhausting and overwhelming and intriguing at the same time.

    • Agreed re: “exhausting… …time” and is one of the core reasons why such a process must be spread out over time. Too often learners attempt such activities both on their own and the night before the deadline. This results in a much less analytical/critical response. You need to visit and re-visit in this process giving time for your ideas to evolve and solidify. What’s more, you need to hear what others have to say as we all perceive things differently.

  2. It’s very interesting to hear you preferred working environments, because many people find it easier to collaborate with a larger number of people. However I can understand that you can work perhaps in more depth one on one. It appears that the document you produced is very detailed and well finished, with some great analysis on individual details. Keep up the good work!

  3. The pair of you offered a detailed an engaging response to the task. Your exploration is wide ranging picking up on the diversity of issues raised within the article. Moreover, your critical voice is strong and demonstrates a perceptive analytical approach. Furthermore, you cross-referenced ideas effectively showing that you had an effective understanding of the topic as a whole. Not least due to the further reading that you completed.

    Your response would have been more critical had you followed the Harvard referencing system more closely. Supporting your analysis through the use of references to texts that support the analytical process would have given weight to your thesis.

    It is evident from your blog post that you found the process of collaborating in a pair to be very enjoyable. It is wonderful when you hit upon a way of working that is both engaging and helps you to push your skills forwards. What’s more you highlighted a very important point about collaboration in terms of the sharing of ideas making the end product stronger. This is exactly why such emphasis has been placed on collaboration within the course. While it is fine to work independently, you need other voices to help filter and evolve your own thinking/understanding.

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